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Cold Calling FAQ:

Why do we cold call?  Not every financial professional has the good fortune of a wealthy family or a vast network of potential clients. Some must earn every client they acquire. We believe cold calling is the most honest and efficient way of earning your business. We encourage our advisors to ask for your business, and then become friends with you. Doing it the other way around can cause unduly high pressure.” 

Consider This:

Since the 1980s, cold calling has been one of the most popular methods of finding new clients in the financial industry,  but it has fallen out of favor in the age of digital advertising. We still use this method because we hate click-bait and it's more more cost-effective than buying a football stadium banner and waiting for you to call us. 

is this a scam?

Any funds we receive to purchase publicly traded stocks or bonds is sent to Axos Clearing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Axos Financial, Inc., which also owns Axos Bank. Axos has over $15 billion in deposits, so your transfer is safe.

it's still effective

Does this cold calling stuff work ?  Yes! Almost all of our thousands of clients originated in some form or fashion through a cold call or referral from a client who was cold called. And we only accept clients who are sophisticated "accredited investors." Some people still like to talk to a real person! 


Almost all of them do, or have in the past. Even our most senior advisors still cold call every now and then when they have some "free time."


Absolutely, please email our administrator ( to be put on our internal do not call list.

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